Preparing for your trip to the hospital

Bottom Line Up Front: Be prepared!

As my military career enters it’s 20th year, having a ‘go-bag’ is not a foreign concept to me.  You have a bag, pre-filled with every essential item your mission may require, that is ready to grab and run out the door at a moments notice.  In this case I had 2 bags, one for me and one for my wife (yes, I packed her bag to be sure we both were ready).

Here is what I had packed:

Mom’s Bag




Sweatsuit (for comfortable ride home)

Baby Clothes (for ride home)

Maxi Pads (she can help with that)

Blanket (if she prefers her own)

Towel (if she prefers her own)

Dad’s Bag

Change of Clothes

Blanket & Pillow (you will likely be sleeping in a chair or couch)

Snacks (it’s a long day/night)

$40 cash with small change for vending machines

Cell Charger

Push Present (this will be another post)

Ensure you have your car seat and carrier installed in the vehicle you plan to use.  If you live in a heavy traffic area, like we did when my son was born, you may want to have several routes planned to get to the hospital.  Luckily, our trip was not done during rush hours but I did have several alternatives both from home and from work.


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