Mom’s defensive line

When you first bring baby home, family and friends are anxious to come see your new bundle of joy. Many also want to help by providing meals and such. As well intended as these visits may be they can be very disturbing. Mommy and baby need sleep and that first week they will be grabbing every minute they can, at very odd and unpredictable times.

Dad must become their sleep time defender by warding off any interruptions. Consider the following:

  • Ask people not to use your doorbell when they come and call your cell phone which can be placed on vibrate and not awake anyone who is sleeping at that time.
  • If people are offering to make you meals, consider a way in which they can simply drop the meal at your door if they are sleeping. A large cooler left at your door can help this method.
  • If you have pets, consider what they will do with visitors and how you can mitigate their ability to awaken a sleeper.

The SAHD truth is most people may not immediately think of the sleeping mother and baby in the middle of the day but once reminded of the issue they are often extremely considerate and understanding.


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