First Sleep Schedule

As I am sure you have heard, many babies have challenging sleep schedules.  Fortunately, my first child slept decently as a newborn and the techniques below worked well for us.  As he grew older, it became difficult, but that will be another post.

Days and Nights:  The biggest problem will be if your baby has their days and nights mixed up.  That being they tend to be more awake at night and more asleep during the day.  There is one great tool to help fix this and this is one of the greatest tips I’ve ever heard of and continue to give to all expecting parents.  Keep your baby exposed to natural light during the day.  Even if your baby is sleeping, keep them near a window that allows sunlight to come in.  Not only will the natural sunlight help program their internal clock but it will also assist if your baby is a bit jaundice.

Building Consistency: There are some interesting free or nearly free phone apps that can help track not only the baby’s sleep schedule but also information about feeding.  Choose an app which can sync between both parents phones.  After tracking all your baby’s sleeping activity for about a week you can start grouping common nap times.  From there you can develop and encourage a predictable sleep schedule which is healthy for baby and parents alike.

The SAHD truth is sleeping can be a bear and will likely continue to be a challenge for years to come.  However, with a few techniques and some patience  you can greatly improve the situation with your baby.  Lastly, remember your baby’s sleep habits will likely change as often as their clothing size so be prepared to adjust and reinforce good habits whenever possible.


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