Toddler Bed

We hit a new milestone last night as Hunter not only climbed into his toddler bed and fell asleep but stayed there for rest of the night.  This was not a sudden transition and I believe several things allowed it to be as smooth as it was.

First, we travel a lot to visit family and Hunter has spent many nights sleeping in other cribs and pack-n-plays while staying at grandparents, aunts and even a few hotel stays.  Of course things are always easier at home in his own crib but staying in a variety of places and beds helped build his ability to accept something new.

Second, since we are expecting our second child in July we opted to buy a new toddler bed rather then transition the crib into to toddler bed (our second child will assume that).  This allowed us to have the crib and toddler bed simultaneously setup in his room for the past two weeks.  During this time he got used to the bed as we could encourage him to spend some time on it.  Until last night, he would ask to be put into his crib when he was ready to fall asleep.

Around 4:30 in the morning, he managed to slide past the rail and off the bed.  It’s only a few inches to fall but he let out a little cry as he didn’t want to be on the floor.  My wife helped him back onto the bed where he promptly fell back asleep for the remainder of the night.

I fully expect there to be some back and forth requests between the crib and toddler bed  over the next week or so.  He has been sleeping so well lately, both a night and for naps, that I see no reason to go cold turkey.

I welcome both affirming and contradicting thoughts and experiences in the comments below.  Please be polite.


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