Trip to Steamtown!

A classic boy, my son never stops moving and also loves everything else that moves.  Trucks, tractors and of course TRAINS!  Thomas And Friends has become Hunter’s number one show and the time he spends with his toy trains triples any other toy in the arsenal.

Earlier this year, my mother and I took him to Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pa.  Growing up in the area I’ve been to the site many times but never through the museum.  Hunter LOVED it!  I also thought it was pretty cool.


Outside, there are many old steam and diesel engines and and cars sitting on the tracks (above and below).  These can be visited for free.  However, the doors are closed off so you cannot go inside them.


The museum itself is the old and very large roundhouse which surrounds the turntable.  The roundhouse was used as a place to house and maintain the steam engines during the railroad’s heyday.  Inside the museum there were multiple engines available to climb into.  Hunter loved pretending to operate the controls (below).


In addition to the steam engines, some of the most popular rail cars were also on display.  Hunter was able to climb into a box car, caboose and mail car (all three below).


Near the end of the tour Hunter found a few trains that were more his size (below).  Despite just seeing so many giant real-life trains, he was still every bit as excited with the little ones.


Hunter was just over 2 years old when we visited Steamtown.  At the time I didn’t know how well he would like it.  Not to mention it was also cold outside at that time.  When we left, Hunter cried serious, heartbroken tears.

If your child is old enough to show any real interest in trains, I believe they too will enjoy a trip to Steamtown.  Coming up soon… a trip to B&O in Baltimore for A Day With Thomas!

Learn more about Steamtown at:


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